How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet?

Your carpets will need a thorough cleaning every so often in order to keep your home sanitized and to maintain the integrity of your carpet. It’s important that you preserve your home’s carpeting so that it will last you for many more years.  Cleaning your carpet on a regular basis will keep it looking fresh and new all year round.

Vacuum Often

You should vacuum your carpet regularly in order to keep dirt and dust to a minimum. Dirt ends up damaging your carpet fibers, especially if family members, friends and even pets walk across the fibers on a daily basis. The carpet can lose its glossiness over time, making the high-traffic areas of the rugs look duller than other areas of the same carpeting.

It pays to use the vacuum twice a week in these high-traffic areas and vacuum at least once a week in all other areas. This will reduce the buildup of soil and oils.

Deep Clean Your Carpet

Your carpet will need a deeper cleaning at times than just vacuuming will accomplish. Carpet cleaning should be done either by yourself or by a Pensacola professional carpet cleaning service at least once a year. If you have pets or children who spend time playing on the carpet, the Environmental Protection Agency recommends you have your carpets cleaned every six months.

Keep in mind that when you walk on your carpet, you are transferring into your home anything that you may have walked on that day. This includes allergens, dirt, germs and other undesirable bits of grime. A professional carpet cleaning will help eliminate pet odors that can linger in a carpet’s fibers.

Carpet Cleaning Can Do Wonders

When you regularly maintain your carpets by having them professionally cleaned once or twice a year, you prolong the life of your carpeting investment.

Carpet fibers can trap allergens and pollutants that must be cleansed in order to increase the quality of your indoor air. You don’t want children breathing in these toxins from the carpet fibers. A good cleaning will also rid the carpet of any bug infestations such as bed bugs or dust mites.

Random spots and stains will be removed when you get your carpets cleaned, extending the life of the carpeting and making it more attractive. When your carpets are very clean, your overall home appears to be cleaner, too!

After a thorough cleansing, your carpet will feel fresher and cleaner to the touch. It will be a pleasure to walk barefoot on your rugs after they are cleaned.

Clean your carpets every six months for best overall results.