This One Tip Could Save You Hundreds of Dollars on Energy Costs

You turn off the lights when you leave the room, you try to keep the heat low when you’re away at work, but your energy bill still seems to eat a big chunk of your paycheck every month. If you’ve tried everything else, the answer could be replacing those drafty old windows. Look into getting custom windows in charlotte NC if you want to save yourself a big chunk of change (and make your home safer, as well).

Old Windows Leak Heat (and Money)

As windows age, the natural wear and tear they experience will drastically reduce their ability to provide proper insulation. Heat will radiate right out into your backyard, and you might as well point your air conditioning vents out onto the street with how much air you’ll be losing. On top of that, older windows with faulty latches will provide a more tempting target for home invaders.

Newer, energy-efficient windows will keep the temperature-controlled air inside your house, meaning a significantly lower energy bill. Some companies will custom-fit them to your home, further increasing energy efficiency. The clean, modern locking systems will also keep possible intruders at bay, allowing you to sleep more comfortably at night, too.